Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Touch The Sky" Kanye West Featuring Lupe Fiasco

Heres the official music video for "Touch The Sky" by Kanye West. The song is pretty good. Was kind of a hit when it was released in 2006. The music video is pretty funny as Kanye pretends to be Evil Kenival changing his name to "Evil Kanyeval". Pamela Anderson also stars in the video. Although this is Kanye's song I feel the star of the show is Lupe Fiasco. His short verse in this song led him to become as famous as he is today. His clever use of words and rhyming scheme is different then the traditional "gangster" rapper and if you've never heard him before you're in for a treat. Expect me to post more songs from Lupe later! Enjoy the song and the video!